Jan. 5th, 2017

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Accountability post Trump Year 0 Jan 4-5
Called both senators and my congressman regarding

1) Review of Trump's financial conflicts of interest. Suggested it might be nice to have a positive ethics story in the news after that unfortunate Office of Congressional Ethics misstep on Monday night.

2) Obamacare. Pointed out that I volunteer at a charity clinic and saw the enormous reduction in the number of desperate people we had to turn away for lack of capacity.

If you want to help (the League of Women Voters is coordinating a call-in day today regarding point 1, and more calls get more attention) there is a number you can call where they will connect you to the right people:
Senate: 866-985-2543
House of Representatives 866-948-8977

Calling your local office is even better, I'm told.

Please don't tell yourself your call makes no difference because you are the wrong party / the senator will do what he wants / whatever. Blue dots in red states are PARTICULARLY important; look how fast the Republicans caved on the whole ethics thing on Tuesday. The senator / congressman wants to get re-elected and ignoring phone calls from constituents is not a survival trait.


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