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So I have no good reason to feel out of sorts.

I did dishes and laundry today and cleaned the kitchen counter and even mopped the kitchen floor and it looks much better.

I wrote up the tunes that the people at Marcon's tune-writing workshop mutally wrote and e-mailed them to all participants even if it did take me a couple of tries to actually enclose everything. (And the workshop itself went very well and did indeed demonstrate that you can write tunes even when the muse hasn't showed up and once you start doing it the muse has a tendency to come lean over your shoulder going "whatcha doin'?")

Orbit is not going to include the three best novel nominees it controls in the Hugo voter's packet. I was kind of counting on not having to buy more books after splashing out 42$ for the voting membership. I am very out of sorts about this. However I have taken steps and the situation is under control.

I finished _Neptune's Brood_ which I found as a library e-book. It is an excellent book; I can certainly see why it was nominated. I like it much better than I did its predecessor _Saturn's Children_ which takes place in the same universe I think but does not involve the same characters or locations, many of which I found fascinating. Also I may need to rethink how I think about money. I get the impression it is inspired by a non-fiction book called _Debt_ that I may have to go look into when time permits.

Seanan, bless her, offered to pay me back for the copy of my CD I gave her way back when by mailing me an author's copy of _Parasite_. I have sent her my snail mail address post-haste.

I have filled out an ILL slip for _Ancillary Justice_ at two different libraries. I hear good things about it and am looking forward to reading it.

I have read the two novellas and the novellette from Tor that were nominated but I haven't gotten to the two short stories yet and that page has disappeared. I hope this is just a today-fluke. And if it isn't, I'm quite confident that material *will* be in the Voter Packet because that is how Tor rolls.. All I can say is Vox Day is going to have something pretty dang good to read to beat either _Equoid_ or _Wakkulla Springs_. And _Lady Astronaut Of Mars_ is pretty darn good also.

I can hardly wait for the Hugo Packet; I wish they would hurry up already.
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