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Accountability Post: Trump Year 0 January 2
So this is where I confess that I didn't get it together to do what I intended (call my Senators/Congressman) during working hours, so I fell back on e-mailing the University of Tennessee Knoxville, which is apparently planning to have their band march in the inaugural parade and urging them to reconsider.

On the one hand I can see it would be exposure for them--they would have the spotlight because most of the bands that usually do this have refused to take part. On the other hand I think it would do the reputation of the University no good at all to associate themselves with a man who routinely flouts the standards of civility set in the University's Student Handbook and an administration that is profoundly anti-science.

I felt like I had both the right and the duty to comment, since I was a post-doctoral fellow there for several years. I kept it civil and reasonably brief.

For those who are interested, the e-mail addresses were:, Joe DiPietro, president, Chancellor Cheek Donald Ryder, director of bands the UT band e-mail

And tomorrow I will make those scary phone calls. I don't know why I have this antipathy to calling strangers on the phone but I can really feel it these days.

Other than that... I played Pokemon Go (hatched a Cleffa (one of the new baby Pokemon) got a couple of 10K eggs, caught three squirtles and a couple of charmanders.) I remembered to go home in time to game via Skype with my brother. Now I had better go practice a little and also meditate.

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