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Accountability Post Trump Year 0 Jan 12

Contacted both Senators to urge Jeff Sessions not be confirmed, and Obamacare not be repealed.
Contacted my Congressman to urge a thorough bipartisan review of the President-Elect's financial conflicts of interest. (This is going to be my go-to contact for times I don't have something else more specific to address, because it's always going to matter.)

Details / script for those who are interested:

Senators: Bob Corker (Knoxville Office 637-4180)
Lamar Alexander (Knoxville Office: 545-4253)

Regarding confirmation of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions has publicly supported banning people for their religion. That is an unAmerican position that makes him unfit to be Attorney General. I urge Senator Corker/Alexander to vote no on confirming Jeff Sessions.

Regarding Obamacare

A number of my friends only have health insurance because of Obamacare. If any of them die because Senator Corker/Alexander voted to take Obamacare away that will seriously tarnish the Senator's reputation in my eyes. I urge the Senator to vote no on dismantling Obamacare.

John J. Duncan Jr. Representative 2nd Congressional District of Tennessee
Phone: (865) 523-3772

I am calling to repeat my suggestion that the House Oversight Committee conduct a thorough bipartisan review of Mr Trump's unprecedented financial conflicts of interest. It is not normal for a sitting president to also own a wide ranging and opaque financial empire. I urge Congressman Duncan to call for such a review.
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