Jun. 15th, 2013 05:39 pm
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 So I got this message today.  Since the person who sent it has his journal set up so I can't reply to the message, I will copy the message here, and put my reply below.

--- talvinamarich wrote:
> If a woman banned a man from her LJ, and he continued to try to contact her and directed others to her journal, I truly believe you would be leading the charge against him.
> Yet, you think that you can continue to harass me. Which just shows that your claimed philosophy is a self-serving lie.  
> You grossly misrepresented the incident that led to your banning to stir up sympathy for yourself because OMG, somebody unfriended you in Social Media.   Get over it already.
>Take me off your "friends"-list and get on with your life, and stay the hell out of mine. 

My reply:

?  I couldn't comment on your post on your journal to express my support, so I commented on mine.  To express my support.  I did not bring up our history because I did not want to prejudice people against what you had to say, which was legit, despite how you had previously behaved, which was not.
I kept reading those parts of your journal you chose to make public because despite your irrationality on the subject of feminism--you could have saved yourself a lot of angst over the years if you googled that phrase you flung at me by the way; since I get zero hits, it is obviously not a part of mainstream feminist thought--you sometimes have interesting things to say on other subjects.
But you have indeed found the key to being unfriended.  Getting mad at me was something I could overlook; getting mad at my kind and unsuspecting friend who was only trying to offer you her support has crossed the line.  I feel partially responsible because in my desire to be fair to you, I didn't warn *her.*  That won't be happening again.
I categorically reject the contention I have misrepresented anything about you.  "Being a feminist" is my honest understanding of what you think is wrong with me.  I'm not going to stop and I'm not going to change.  All my other friends like me this way.  Get over it.
I grant your wish.
Cat Sittingstill
Which reminds me, I probably shouldn't have to say this to anyone reading this, but just in case--this guy plainly wants to be left alone and I encourage you to honor his wish. It seems unlikely he will become more rational on this subject for being pestered about it.


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