Jul. 23rd, 2011 10:39 pm
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I finished up with Constance, at least for now, and today's jaunt on the lake made me pretty confident that I have solved her seat placement issues.  So when canoeing was done, the back porch rack received all three boats--for the first time. 

My boatshop feels empty and sad, like a nest when the chick has fledged and flown.

On the other hand I practiced a little music tonight for the first time in over a week.  The college is now in full vacation mode so I won't be able to record over the next couple of weeks, but family visiting means that wouldn't happen anyway, and hopefully I can find time and space to at least practice now and again.

The Alice Day post is delayed, my apologies; I was doing so much boat this past two weeks that I didn't record anything.  I will try to get something up tomorrow between the housecleaning and working on my game.  If I don't manage it tomorrow, it may be some time, so I will do my best.
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes--I had a great birthday. I got my workbench nearly finished (about which more later) and received a mallet (much appreciated), a couple of books, and a pair of boots made for canoeing/trekking to replace my old watershoes which are falling a part and seriously not up to the trails in Quetico.

Regarding the workbench--which will be a very cool workbench...
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