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I just finished reading a book called The Color of Water.


Also how do those white nationalists talk about an America that is a safe space for those of European ancestry without realizing that an awful lot of people of color *have* European ancestry? I mean, I knew this intellectually before--one of my favorite series is the Free Man of Color series by Barbara Hambly, set in pre-Civil War New Orleans, and that is basically the background of the book--but "The Color of Water" is a memoir of a black man interleaved with the memoir of his white mother and his investigations into her past, and the people he meets as a consequence. Somehow it highlights the issue more for me, I guess. In part it may be that his mother's ethnic identity is (for me, anyway) at least as strong as African American. It doesn't make sense that I think of most white ethnic identities as being weaksauce--I am of Dutch descent, for example, and I honor that, but it doesn't affect my daily life much (aside from learning Dutch, I suppose)--but I kind of do.
Anyway, I guess I am rambling.

Books. They can expand your world. My world is under expansion; please excuse the sawdust.
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I just finished reading _Terrier_ by Tamora Pierce.

Becca Cooper is a new Guardswoman--a "Puppy" in local terms, because the guards are called "Dogs." Anxious to make good, and to make her noble sponsor happy he rescued her family from the worst part of town--the Cesspool--she is fast of foot and strong of arm, but so shy she can hardly look her teachers in the eye.
Set to patrolling the toughest of the mean streets, she has a quick mind, true friends, a cat that is more than a cat, and a talent for listening--even to ghosts and winds. But most of all she has sympathy for the people caught in poverty and desperation, and a belief that even the lowest lives are valuable.
That will make her a Terrier among Dogs--once she sinks her teeth into a case, she will never let it go.

I will definitely be reading more by this author. Starting with the next in this series: Bloodhound.


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