Feb. 10th, 2017

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Trump Year 1 February 10

I am way behind on my accountability posts, and can't remember everything. But this week I called my Senators to oppose DeVos and Price and Pruitt (on various days), and I called my Congressman to oppose the bill to terminate the EPA (*eyeroll*) and I called my Senator and Rep in the State Legislature to oppose bills outlawing sanctuary cities and permitting counselors to discriminate against LGBT people.

And I knitted a couple of cotton pussyhats (discovering in the process that if you knit a diamond of garter stitch across the top of the hat the ears, which had tend to be kind of saggy on the cotton version) stand up better.) And I have mostly knitted a wool one (still have to weave in the ends) and have started another cotton one on double pointed needles which I just bought today when I was in Knoxville anyway to go to the protest (see below.) Double pointed needles are a bit trickier to knit with, but I want to try a double spiral in two different colors and see whether I get an illusion effect when I get to the garter stitch parts. While I *could* do a double spiral on two cable needles, that would cost about three times as much as a set of DPNs, and I didn't want to spend that much on an experiment.

Also today I went to a protest against my Congressman for refusing to hold a town hall meeting and calling those of us who asked for one "kooks." This time we showed up with an American flag and sang various patriotic songs. (I obviously need to learn the words to God Bless America. I'm not religious but if everyone else is going to sing it I am going to sing it too.). We finished up with "This Land Is Your Land" which made me grin. A staffer actually came out and spoke to us a little bit but I was too far back to hear much of that. We filled out messages on pink "While you were out" pads, saying we'd come to see Duncan but he hadn't been there, and we would like appointments. Also someone said Mr. Duncan's brother-in-law had recently died of ALS and they took donations to give to the ALS society. The Knoxville Mercury says we gave $164--one of which was mine.

Then Ms. Bear spoke to us (a few of us; a bunch wandered off when the singing was done and the messages were filled out). She is planning to run as a Democratic candidate against Mr. Duncan. I took a selfie with her so I could say I knew her when she was just starting out.

And that was my week, more or less. I hope you've been keeping those phone lines warm.

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