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Antoinette Tuff is my kind of hero. She foiled a school shooter, by keeping him talking and eventually talking him down. She saved, at the bare minimum, *his* life, since he was apparently planning suicide by cop. She very likely also saved her own life, and her coworkers, and the lives of an unknown number of students in the grade school where she was working at the time.

So I wrote this song:
My Kind Of Hero
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2013
mp3 here and pdf sheet music to come

D                           C
Antoinette Tuff spends her mornings at work
      C                    D      A
At a Georgia school, as a filing clerk,
   D              C            G          D
A cheerful black woman, quick-witted and hale
     G             D        A        D
She once talked a man into going to jail

          D                   G            D
     Without any weapons to slaughter or stun
          G        D                    A
     She foiled a desperate man with a gun
      D                           G          A
     Sometimes it just takes the courage to say
          G             A     D
     You don't have to die today

A parent buzzed in and he slipped in behind
And entered the building with mayhem in mind;
Black-clad and laden with weapons, he bore
A rifle intended for killing in war.

He said call the media; give them a hail.
She just kept him talking and told him her tale.
A marriage withered, a job gone away,
How life can be ruined and come out okay.

When finally, surrounded, he knew he was done.
She said set the pack down, and lay down your gun.
She said life's not over; you took a bad turn
But every mistake is a ticket to learn.

She helped him surrender instead of go nuts,
Talking him down with compassion and guts;
You keep your Rambos and Conans and stuff--
Give me a hero like Antoinette Tuff!
It is also at my website, at


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