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I have another new song: The Silver Snail. It is up at my site (the previous link) or at my fawm page.

Unabashed wish-fulfillment, steampunk, and filk. :-)

I think I will need to cut a verse; it is awfully long as it stands. But I'm having trouble deciding how to cut it.

Date: 2014-02-28 02:38 pm (UTC)
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Goodness, this is fantastic — I'm glad I persisting in trying to find a time I could get both wifi & put in earbuds to listen. (Your voice! I could just curl up and pull it over myself like sheep dreams threaded with fire crackles and cat thrums.)

I like the lovely turns of slight asynchronous timing in the melody where you hold or shorten your notes (the exuberant tripping "way to travel" in the chorus pops to mind) – not banging your listeners over the head with it, but there's such a sweetness in how it enlivens the experience of listening that I can tell I'll humming snatches all day.

As for the theme — well. If there ever is a real life Silver Snail (or equivalent!) somewhere outside of your music, please do let me know — that sounds like my idea of heaven. Your words paint such a picture in my mind, like some gleaming, cheerfully rattling world fair exhibition pavilion that one day just hunched itself up and took off with all the visitors inside still in tow.

Thank you for drawing my attention to this — what a treat! Thank you so much.


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